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Hand made kiln fired glass light featuring a rural scene in Orkney.

Clear glass with applied enamels. glass approximately 30 x 12cm plus wooden base.

This is a unique an one-off piece. I will make this design again but it will not look the same. This design is to order and will take up to 3 weeks to complete.

I make all my work using clear glass. This piece is fired three times in the kiln. With each firing I add more depth of colour and detail. The final firing slumps the flat glass around a ceramic mould. Once this has cooled and I cold work any rough edges the glass goes to Dave the local craftsman in Deerness who I collaborate with making the lights. Dave will cut the base and fit the curve into the wood. Each piece has to be made individually as no two curves will be the same, even if I use the same mould. The base is painted and sanded until completely smooth. Three coats of paint are required. Then the LED light cable and plug are fitted into the base.

Your light will then be carefully wrapped and posted off.

The brightly lit glass will be an original artwork addition to your home / office.

All work is made in my studio in beautiful Orkney. 

Postage & Packing + £10.00 (included in cost)