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Three Hares - wooden hanging


A small but beautiful wooden hanging of Three Hares in a circular motif with golden highlights.

This symbol features three hares or rabbits chasing each other in a circle like a triskelion or triquetra.  Its meaning has a range of symbolic or mystical associations with fertility, the lunar cycle and the Holy Trinity.

The image has been found in sacred sites from the Middle and Far East to the churches of England (sometimes called 'Tinners Rabbits') and Germany.  With a threefold rotational symmetry each of the ears is shared by two hares, so that only three ears are shown.
The ornament is lasercut from a single piece of hardwood ply with hand finished golden highlights.

The hanging is two sided, so can be hung in a window, or set against a contrasting background.

The ornament measures 13.5cm (5 1/2 inches) wide by 0.5cm (1/5 inch) thick and comes packaged in a gift box.

I also have make larger ones, 19.5cm (7 1/2 inches)  in diameter.

Laser-cut and handfinished from FSC certified poplar plywood.