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Beeswax Bee Skep Candle Collection


Beeswax Bee Skep Candle Collection - Bee Skep, Bee Hive, Solid Honeycomb Bee 

Light up someone's day with this gift collection.

Unscented just as nature intended with nothing added just a natural delicate aroma of honey.

Breathe easy as beeswax candles are a wonderful option for people with sinus allergies, asthma and other sensitivities. All pure and natural, they give a warm golden glow and emit the same light spectrum as the sun, bringing the warmth and light of the sun into your room.

Bee Hive - Height 50mm - width 45mm. Burns for approx 7 hours
Bee Skep - Height 80mm. Width 60mm. Burns for approx 20 hours
Bee Honeycomb - Height 105mm - width 35mm. Burns for approx 16 hours 

Things to Know

Some variations in colour shading will occur in the candles as the wax is coloured by the pollen and nectar that the bee gathers.

On the initial burn melt the wax pool to the outer edges.

Postage Included.