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Tigeropolis - Caught in the Trap


Children's Fiction - Middle Grade : Ages 8 - 10


Fun, conservation theme. A fun story for Ages 8-10. Paperback, 192  pages, 48 B&W Illustrations.


Third in the Series.


The park is a success, but publicity brings its own problems – the tigers suddenly have to battle a notorious gang of poachers. Needless to say, with much tiger cunning, and more than a little help from their animal friends, Bittu, Matti and the rest of the family prove more than up to the task.  


Vegetarian tigers running their own wildlife wilderness in the foothills of the Himalayas - what could be more fun than that? 


Inspired by Scottish author R. D. Dikstra’s involvement in tiger conservation. 

“Lively and imaginative. Such fun to read”

Stanley Johnston - Environmentalist, Writer & Politician


“An enormous pleasure”

Richard E Grant – Actor, Oscar Nominee