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Make Your Own Vegetarian Curry Kit


This beautiful vegetarian cookery course in a box from the Scotia Spice cookery school will help you create delicious authentic Punjabi curries from scratch.

Far more than just a set of instructions for tonight’s dinner, this stunning gift box is a foundation course to equip you with the skills, know how and confidence to create authentic Punjabi curries and other dishes from scratch.

Perfect for vegetarians and those wanting to expand their repertoire of vegetable dishes this box includes six authentic recipes, a spice tasting guide, expert tips and a larder of warm aromatic spices, all from the Scotia Spice cookery school.

You can make 12 delicious dishes from one beautiful box.

The unique spice tasting guide forms a cornerstone of the Scotia Spice Cookery School experience and make this kit a complete cookery course in a box.

Dried ingredients have a long shelf life making our kits ideal as a pre-planned gift.

made from:

Ingredients: ground cumin, turmeric, ground coriander, cumin seeds, chilli powder, garam masala, ajwan seeds, chickpea flour.

Recipes: aubergine and potato curry, masoor dahl, sweet potato and red pepper pakora, aloo tikki, tomato and red pepper chutney, tomato and onion raita.

Each kit contains enough ingredients to make the recipes twice each. Spices are packed in resealable 25g pouches.


15 x 22 x 12cm, approx 800g